How to Qualify

You must earn the opportunity to compete at the State competition. To qualify for your state competition you must compete in a sanctioned local qualifying event (see "events" page for upcoming qualifiers) and shoot a score of 32 or less with 3 shots from 100 yards. The State competition consist of 18 shots from 3 varying distances-125, 100 and 75 yards.

Local- 3 Shots
All 3 shots from 100 yards. Starting score of 35. Score of 32 or less needed to qualify for State competition. Can compete as many times as needed to earn a qualifying score of 32.

State- 18 Shots
6 shots from 125 yards, 6 shots from 100 yards, and 6 shots from   75 yards. Starting score of 100. Lowest three scores qualify for Regional competition. Playoff for top three spots if necessary.

Regionals- 36 Shots
3 participants per state (10 regions of 4 to 6 states).  Two rounds of 18 shots. Starting score of 200. Lowest score qualifies for National competition. Playoff for top spot if necessary.

Nationals- 72 Shots
10 participants (1 from each region). Four rounds of 18 shots. Starting score of 200 for 2 qualifying rounds. Top five, after 2 qualifying rounds play additional 2 championship rounds. National winner is combined total of all 4 rounds.